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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hobby King Sbach 342 v2

A while back I saw my first Sbach 342, and I really liked its sleek lines and agressive tightly wound packaging. That was a foamy, from Parkzone or the like. I thought it would be really great if there was a small balsa version. I found a 1400mm one at Hobby King, but thought something smaller would be nice, around 1000mm, as space is getting to be a premium in my hangar, and the tails were snapping off the 1400mm Sbachs. Unfortunately no one had a single good thing to say about the 1000mm HK SBach as it was way tail heavy and had such high wing loading that you couldn't add any effective nose weight. Then v2 came out and addressed this problem, and more positive reviews are rolling out. Curiously the v1 is still on their website, so do be careful.

Today I decided to get the Hobby King Sbach 1000mm v2 with a Turnigy Park 480 850kv (275 watts), giving me a roughly 1.8:1 power to weight ratio. I have an Art Tech 40A ESC recovered from my ArtTech Diamond 2500 glider, and will swing a 10x7 APC prop to start with. I have some T-Pro MG90 metal gear analog servos and some Fusonic MG-D-9g digital metal gear servos coming... will need to decide which to use. I would like to use the 3S 2200mAh batteries, but not sure they may be too big. I'm pretty excited. She's a wicked nice plane, and I suspect there will be a few things to sort out, but hopefully she will prove a fun sport aerobat!


  1. Hi Ken,
    I'm from Brazil. I've ordered a Sbach 1000mm v2 as well. I decided to go with Park480 1020kv, HK Turnigy trust SBEC 55A, nanotech 1300mAh and corona 919MG servos. It will be my first Sbach and eletric airplane. I use to fly a Calmato Sports 40 (glow). Let's share info about this great and beautiful airplane and hope it flies better than v1.

  2. recieved mine a week ago power up with e-flight power 10 outrunner 2200 3s and 50 amp esc hitec hs 55 s all round great plane awesome sport flier . will prob upgrade to power 15 outrunner and 4s for better 3d