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Friday, January 20, 2012

Bobbing and Weaving

Took my HDX 500se up for several packs today. It was a bit breezy, but she handles very well. I practiced moving her all around the field, all tail in (earlier I parked the Erazor in a fence trying to hover side in. Still get psyched out). I love this heli. She is built solid with a really tough rotor head. I'm told she isn't a 3D machine which is fine by me. I think she's a perfect trainer for scale flight! Kenny Chandler videoed her for me. She looks closer than she really is (the grainy look is from the digital xoom and she is a big heli).

There is a strong wind with gusts that accounts for most of the up down, but the lateral movement is me and my developing skills. When I want to keep her in one place I have gotten pretty good at nailing her down. When I move her I am still getting use to a delay in response due to her inertia: she is big! I plan on focusing on my heli skills more everyday.

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