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Monday, January 30, 2012

Hoppity Hop Hop

Took the BeastX EXI 450 up today in the garage. Had to make a few adjustments for items I incompletly understood during setup. In flight she had a real problem. She would hop up and down violently and throw herself down and across the garage floor. She shattered the plastic blades, special CopterX blades for multiple bladed helis. They were not tracking perfectly, but not too badly. I had to change the main rotor shaft and after doing so I powered her up without blades to see if it was the BeastX inducing oscillations in pitch, if it was the rotor head, or maybe, as I suspected, the very flexible blades. The rotor hub spun perfectly without any oscillations... this suggests the blades were forcing some sort of pitch oscillation, but then, the blade grips were not loaded, it could still be the rotor head. I am confident it was not the BeastX, certainly not directly. I am thinking of putting regular blades on her. This would put the load of four blades on the motor... I have a twin blade FBL head, but the point of this was to have a four blade heli. I have plenty of blades, and will be ready this time.

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