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Friday, January 27, 2012


I've had my BeastX flybarless (FBL) stabilization system sitting on a shelf for a couple of months, a bit daunted by it and the complexity of setting up a FBL system. It has sooo many wires, and the manual asked questions I have no idea how to answer as I don't have the data (how many hz does an EXI d213F servo run at?).  That ended up being the only input I guessed at. There is nothing anywhere that tells me how to use the USB to set up the BeastX... I figured out how to upgrade the firmware to 2.0.4, but other than that I got nothing. So I set up the BeastX using the push buttons and actually it wasn't so bad. I think. We'll find out when I try to fly her.

I installed it on my EXI 450, with the CopterX 450 4 blade head, which I had set up several months ago. I haven't been flying helis for a while, and have been focusing on the Erazor 450 so I would be working on one heli at a time. I removed the Assan MEMS gyro I had and put the BeastX in the gyro platform. Step by step, walked through the manual on installation, then setup. A few do overs, but in the end she works fine! It seems. In some extreme inputs one of the blade control rods gets popped of by the swash arm (holy crap... that's bad), but I don't think it is a problem in the normal flight envelope. I will be checking that out some more later. With 4 blades I can use the perpendicular blade holders as my "flybar" reference for setting pitch. Push comes to shove I have a 2 blade flybarless head on the shelf. In static testing the BeastX is amazingly responsive and she moved the surfaces in the expected dierction. Hope she shows her stuff in flight, possibly as early as tomorrow.

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  1. I went with 65hz. Since its working well, i'm leaving them there. I am a sport flier and still learning, so the servos don't work hard or need to be super responsive. Hope this helps!