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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sopwith Untwisted

I had taken the Hangar 9 Sopwith out, but before I could fly her with her new setup, I noticed a twist in the puter edge of the left lower wing. Bill Page convinced me not to fly her, and to repair the wing before I do. So this afternoon I did. I am getting to where I care less and less about this plane as I have yet to fly her successfully. this affected my dedication to perfection. I accepted mediocre... which is okay, I honestly don't think the small deflection left in the lower edge is critical.

Pre. You can see the missing wood.

After I laid in and sanded down some sheet balsa. The very outer edge could use more wood, but I didn't feel like it...

And here she is all coted back up! You really can't see any residual twist. The issue wasn't that the wing was twisted, but that the leading edge was higher than it was supposed to be on the outer edge. All fixed. Yippee. I get to crash her again... Hopefully not!

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