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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Completing the Pulse XT

Pulse XT build Part 1 and Part 2 outlined the first couple of days of the build of my Eflite Pulse XT 25e. Today I installed the aileron servos and their control rods, installed the wing and set up the flaperons. Ran her up and holy guacamole, has it got some scary power!

Aileron servo and the under-surface of the wing.

Balance is just at the forward CG line.


Underside of the attached wing.

The ESC is on the right, the battery on the left. Tight fit. The red velcro is to allow me ot pull the battery out.

The name plate on the side of the cockpit.

She is all set for her maiden flight! 

Some screws for the 25 motor mount (I used longer screws for the 32 motor mount), There are 4 1" square pieces of hardwood, with holes in each corner. They don't show up in the instructions, and I have no idea what they are for...

Kenny Chandler and I set up shop at the KAMS field in Ocean Springs today. Way too windy... Flew the Alpha Sport, and the newly reconstructed Trojan T-28. It was challenging, but fun to finally get to fly after almost 2 weeks. Tomorrow I an thinking about heading out to BMF to see if I can fly off the runway or not. As soon as I know the field is open for sure, I'll take the Pulse out to BMF for her maiden. Tonight I will start work on the Nitroplanes C-47 Transporter.

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