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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I didn't mean too, but I did...

And I like it! I had planned on adding the Align Trex 600e EFL helicopter to my hangar. One night I was cruising eBay when the Trex 600 EFL Super Combo caught my eye at somewhere around $200. I was excited and decided what the hell, I could bid $500 for this normally $1000 heli, and if I lost no problem, since I wasn't really looking anyway. So I bid!

Then I noticed in very big letters all over the post that it is sold without the electronics...  no 3GX, nothing... CRAP! I wrote the seller hoping there was some way he could cancel my careless bid early in the selling, but there isn't, and so I won it for $365. Whew... It is still worth it for that price, but I would be a little disappointed if it got to $500 since I could but a complete Trex 500e flybar kit for that much. As it became evident that I was going to win the bid, I checked out more of mhein18's eBay store, and he's got a lot of other good deals. He's an excellent eBay seller and I will likely get the 3GX system from him later. I will put together a digital servo set, ESC, and HV BEC together on my own, and add a good Spektrum receiver. I will collect the parts over the next several months.

Keep checking in and watch how this new project comes together!

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