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Tuesday, November 1, 2016



I have flown with stabilization systems before today, but never really appreciated what they do for RC flight. This morning I took the Hobby King Orange stabilization system equipped HK SBach 1200mm EPP and the Eflite Stearman out for flights.  Both fly 3S 2200 mAh batteries.

The SBach is equipped with the HK Orange 3D-stabilized DSM2 compatible receiver that was on its predecessor, the ill fated HK Edge 540.  (These have been NIS except in their Russian Warehouse for some time now). I flew her today and was just awed and amazed. I did have to tone down the ailerons a bit, but wow, what an amazing flier.  She is light so inertia is low, making her amazingly responsive. I impressed myself with my skills as I waterfalled, torque rolled, blundered, like I have never before. Mostly because I really have never before. I had such confidence in her response I realized I was performing these stunts crazily low. And on landings, the stabilization shines, as she comes in on rails. Two packs, after that I was exhausted from holding my breath. I have to be careful watching her speed; she will fly ultra slow, but at some point I have not yet found, will likely suddenly stop flying. The stabilization system keeps her stable even in these stall edge conditions. LOVE this plane.

Its doomed.

The Eflite Stearman and I have a love-hate relationship. She is my second one, and is one beautiful simple and well designed model. But she tip stalls like a mo-fo, abrupt, deadly, fast, irrecoverably. Today I couldn't tip stall her if I wanted to. She is equipped with a Spektrum 6 channel receiver into a HK Orange 3D Stabilization system. She flies so rail smooth now, even on approaches she behaves herself for sweet landings. She would not dip a wing in stall, and simply kept adjusting herself out of stall if I stopped the motor flight level, she would start to dip one way or another and just adjust. I am pretty sure she will stall if I let her, but she slowed WAAAAY down today into speeds she wold have committed suicide at before.

Conditions were good. Soft, gentle if any breeze, cool but not cold.

I am charging up up the receiver and ignition packs on the Waco and plan to maiden her wth her Spektrum Alpha6 stabilization system this afternoon. More to come!

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