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Thursday, November 24, 2016

So this happened...

First flight with my Big Stick being equipped with the Hobby King Orange 3-Axis Stabilization system.

What an incredibly well designed plane, sturdy as hell. The prop took a devastating hit, the nose buried about 6 inches into the dirt (thankfully it was soft), the wing attachment hard point came off as designed and will need to be repaired but there is no damage to the wing, and the port side of the fuse just aft of the engine cracked up. Its all but already repaired.  Luke on video.

Really, that's it. I thought she'd be toothpicks.

Broke clean off.

Spinner is about 4 inches down there, had to dig it out.

The only part of the fuse to take damage.

Close up.

Epoxy, a few pieces of balsa. I will sand it down and lay a thin sheet of fiberglass or thin balsa down.
I'll add photos as the work progresses, including repair of the wing hard point. 

I still have the stabilization system in the plane. There is supposed to be a way to rig a cut-off using the AUX channel, but I need to read the manual. If I can't rig one I will pull the system out and skip it. I checked the settings and they all move in the correct direction. Was there too much vibration? I always check the control surfaces before takeoff and they were also all appropriate. There was no wind. No idea WTF happened but it was all I could do to keep her out of the trees.

I will need to patch a hole in the underside of the wing... I dropped prop on it on the workbench. 

Wait until you see what I plan to put on for a prop!

Happy Turkey Day!

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