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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Original Alpha6 Is Still a Brick

I figured I would setup the original Alpha6 unit using what I had learned about setting up the replacement that is working so well in the Waco, installing it in the 10cc Sukhoi 26. I pulled the reciever off the center post there and moved it behind the fuel tank, created a stable platform for the gyro and installed it.

The platform finished, light coating of epoxy-alcohol painted on to allow the heavy duty double sided tape to stick well.

Alpha6 gyro in place. tried for an hour to get it to program. Reinstalled the 1.2 update, tried setting it using the software... In trying to program the calibration the servos would skew off center when their channel was selected for gain direction and stay there, no movement to adverse direction, so I couldn't even tell if the gain directions were correct. Didn't matter, I still couldn't gef the past the gain switch calibration, so the unit won't work at all. I think the MEMS are bad or there's a problem with the board. Either way, its a brick.

So I replaced the fancy $129 Spektrum Alpha6 gyro stabilizer with a $19 Hobby King Orange 3 Axis unit. I am not even sure this can work in a gas aircraft vibration environment. Took less than 5 min to set up. Took the airplane out to the garage and started her up to see if the vibration created any problems, and it was rock solid and responded to adverse inputs. I do lose programming individual ailerons, flaperons and differential because even though there is an AUX1 channel, it doesn't act like a seperate channel so the ailerons move in the same direction no matter what you do. I suppose I could rig the servo horsn on the same side so the motions are reversed... I can look into that later. HK notes in comments that you have to Y harness the ailerons. Bummer. There is supoosed to be a way to program a remote on-off switch, but there is no manual, and I am not sure how to set that up. This system works very well on the Sbach, and the Stearman, both electrics.

If the winds permit I hope to fly her tomorrow and see what happens. I think its going to work just fine!

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