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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Waco Maintenance

The grass at the Joppa Hill Field has always been hard on my planes, in particular the landing gear. Today I had to repair the wheel pants, and re-install the rudder. The latter was a bit of a surprise as the bulk of the vertical stress from the tail gear is on the fuse, but the tail wheel gets banged back and forth by the clumps of grass. I think that yanks the tiller and stresses the rudder hinges.

As seen earlier, the wheel pants take a beating.

Repaired the rudder, removed the wheel pants.

Rebuilt both. The port one broke in half, and the other was splitting. just finished repainting them.

I frackin' hate the Rustoleum rattle can spray caps. it took a lot to get it to spray. i just bought a bunch of replacement caps on eBay hoping that helps.

I noticed a crack in the cowl. The muffler header is apparently right against it and its cracking.

This bears close watching. Not quite sure what to do about it. Notice the grass stains on the muffler... cutting grass just taxiing.

Today I also ordered a smaller bullet hub for the prop from True Turn. I think it will look much nicer. Can't wait to get it.

She sounds amazing, I wish I could capture video of her in flight. The sound is so scale its scary.  She has so much power I flynher mostly 1/4-1/2 throttle.

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