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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hobby King Sbach 3D EPP 1200mm

The HK Sbach 1200mm in EPP is Done! It took no time to build. I installed a Hobby King 3D Stabilization Orange Receiver, and a HeadsUpRC PowerUp 25 Speed motor. She'll be flying a 3S 2200 mAh. This model addresses the flaws in the design of the other smaller Hobby King EPP model I had, the Extra. It has a complete wood frame fore to aft. The wing has a carbon fiber spar. I think she is going to fly just fine!

I had set up the HK Stabilizer Gyro using dual ailerons, and it burned out two right aileron servos before I decided to Y harness them into one channel. I have a Solar D654 on that side now, and EXI 9 gm servos everywhere else. I also had to swap out the rudder servo as it chattered like a gossip.

I am interested to see how she flies. 

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