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Friday, November 18, 2016

Life on the other side IS better...

I haven't flown the 30cc MXS-R for some time, and there was no reason not to today. Wow, was it beautiful.

Its late fall, and the sun is making it ever harder to see aircraft silhouettes to the south end of the fields at Joppa Hill. I had often toyed with the idea of flying from the far (west) side of the field, putting the afternoon sun behind me and the a/c. I had flown a couple of circuits from the usual side and decided to pack up and mosey on across to the other side. It actually is very much worth the trip!

The set up on the west side, looking south, the sun is off pic to the right. You can see the famously clumpy grass that rips landing gear  from planes (and I expect, ankles form kids). Used the post to hold the plane back on a rope.

Looking back across the field to the east side.

You can see how deep in the grass the big 30cc gets, so you can imagine how high the grass is on the smaller planes. Little electrics have a bit of trouble here. Those are 4" tires! I can imagine how sweet a geo-tex runway would be here.

The tarmac.

Flew several tanks. She of course flew very, very well.  Upped the aileron differential to 40%. I had been planning on putting a stabilization system on her, but I would lose my flaperons and things like differential, so meh. Decided not to. She is a very stable flyer, though she does have some elevator differential I need to tune out.

I think I will make the trip across the field to fly every time I come out here. I liked having a better view of the plane, and the sight lines are better. I seemed to be able to see where she was in relation to the Ents at either end much better, and since she wasn't flying over the eastern forest, I didn't have them to worry about either. I do have to be careful not to overfly the road or the lot if there are people or vehicles there. I do still have to be aware of the goals... almost nailed one again today but for luck.

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