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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sukhoi Flies Stabilized and Waco Aileron Rods Installed

This morning I took the now HK Orange 3D Stabilization equipped 10cc Sukhoi out for its first flight with the system on board. I wasn't sure how she would fly with the stabilization on board.

She flew just fine! I turned the pitch and roll gains down a little and will fly her again later to see if it needs further adjustment. The higher gain caused a little stiffness in roll initiation and some pitching up in final approach. At some point the damn tail wheel tiller failed again. So when I got home I figured out a way to take a short nose gear tiller arm, put a wire on it with a Z-bend secured with wire ties and shrink wrap along with a touch of CA. I think this is it, I think this solves the problem for good.


I also finished the aileron connectors I made for the Waco. The horn failed on the right lower aileron due to the bad geometry creating intense leveraging stresses that pried it loose. The ones I had were the wrong length for the new connector horns I had installed on the lower ailerons to change the geometry to something more linear. The movement is still not entirely balanced, and I am not sure why; I suspect its because the upper horns are still curved so there is still some curvilinear geometry.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to flying her in what I hope is her final engineering, so I can get on to just enjoying flying her.

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