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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tactic Servo Spline Mystery

Now its just annoying.

I built and flew the HK Sbach 1200 EPP with a hodgepodge of various micro servos from EXI and Solar, and they worked quite well together. My OCD wanted the servos to all be of the same make, so I bought a set of Tactic TSX-10 micro servos. High speed, metal gears. Nice servos.

The arms were just long enough, but they tapered at the end, so when I drilled holes big enough for the control arms there was so little plastic left I did not want to use them. I thought,"Meh... I can order some longer ones on line." So I went in search of the spline. Most of what I read was consistent. Tactic, seemingly a Futaba servo, used Futaba splines. Ok. So I ordered some Dubro Futaba Micro Control Arms, and they were too small. Maybe they meant the Standard 24T spline. Nope, don't fit, too big. Okay... Maybe they used the Mini Spline? Hmm... nope, they don't fit either.

Nobody lists the spline, not Tactic, Hobbico, Servo City, Servo Database... no one. I got the info from RC Groups and other forums, that they use the equivalent sized Futaba Spline, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I have an email out to Hobbico. We'll see. So for now, I can't fly the Sbach.

Damn OCD.

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