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Monday, November 21, 2016

Futaba Micro Spline 21T....Maybe

I  wrote about the issues trying to find the spline to fit the Tactic Mircro TSX-10 Servos. I had purchased Dubro Futaba Micro Spline compatible servo arms and they were too small. At the same time I bought some aluminum arms for the same spline. Since the Dubros did not fit I didn't  expect the aluminum ones to, so when they didn't fit easily I was dismayed. I am still waiting to hear from Hobbico about what the proper spline is...

Today waiting for another project to dry, I retried the aluminum arms. With a bit more effort they actually fit quite snug. I removed them, and nothing had crushed to give the illusion of fit. I had already replaced the rudder and elevator with the original plastic arms since they were bolted on to extensions so the lack of width at the end didn't matter. I installed the aileron arms, and had to replace the carbon fiber rods with steel, but they work fine. Any more range of motion and they would come right off.

Aileron. From China on Ebay.

Elevator. Original plastic on epoxy extender.

She is ready to fly!

UPDATE (11/23/16): Hobbico had no idea what the spline is, but they got one and now know its 20T. They are checking to see what splines will be compatible. I am not aware of any 20T micro spline...

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