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Monday, March 12, 2012

4 Blades of Fury

While I wait for another twin flybarless head to come back after my Yee-Haw flight a couple weeks ago, I decided to put the quad blade head back together. Last time I put it on, while stil trying to figure out the BeastX, I struck the blades on a box in the garage and became discouraged. Now that I have learned how to use the BeastX and to program it, and have figured out a few things to get the blades tracking well, which was an issue for me before. with the quad head The new quad blades came in the other day, so today I replaced a bent flybar screw on the quad, and set up the head on a new main shaft since the crash bent the shit out of the other one (bad word intended, it was a good 30 deg bend). I took out the new blades, weighed them to see which was the heaviest and made it the maeter blade, balanced each blade to get its CG, and then balanced each blade against the master blade. One blade matched the master perfectly, and the other two blades were easily balanced with tape, so in the end all four blades balanced with each other. This all worked excellent as there was no spin up vibrations at all! I put it all together. I flipped the swash stabilizer around so that when the blade grip control rods are 90 degrees blade to swash it no longer comes close to one of the swash attachments for the control rods, something I think may have contributed to the maiden crash a few months ago. The blades have to be 90 degree out of phase, the control rod for the blade joining the swash 90 degrees ahead of the blade. I then programmed the BeastX going through it step by step. I also made sure I went through not just the programming menu, but also the parameters menu. To get the tracking right, I like to set the zero pitch on each blade one by one with the cyclic at zero pitch. I like to have it mechanically squared up at zero. I find that I often have no problems with tracking when I do this. I took her out to the driveway for a hover test, and spun her up. She had great head speed, and lifted off, blades in perfect track! I did find that the plastic blades will flap a little with quick pitch changes, so I have to fly her scale, but she was stable and easily controlled. I am thrilled she flew exactly as she is supposed to, vibration free! I think I will keep her a quad head for now!

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