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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Take 3: Eflite PulseXT 25e

I have long written about my love affair with this plane. I also had the sad duty of reporting the loss of the first two... The first was due to a radio problem (I suspect a bad NiMH transmitter battery), and the second due to pilot error (fying with my head up my ass... pulled out of a dive too late). I completed the third one day before yesterday, the build a couple of days ago, and finally when Horizon Hobby sent me a replacment canopy (the one in the box was cracked, HH sent me a new one shortly after I called asking for one). Yesterday I maindened her at BMF, and as expected she flew wonderfully!

One thing I changed was the aileron servos, and I may change the rudder and aileron servos as well. I had JR MN-48 mini servos in all four places. I changed the ailerons to Hitec HSG-225mg. These are much faster than the JRs, which I have always felt were slow.

So, back in my hangar, always a joy to fly!

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