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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What are the odds?

That two ESCs would fail at the same time?

A few weeks ago I took the A-10 Warthog out to BMF because the grass was short and the winds were right. Plugged her in, checked surfaces, carried her out to the flight line, rechecked surfaces free, clear and appropriate, then firewalled the throttle for a whole lotta nothin'...a couple times like in a sitcom. Reversed the process and put her back in the car a bit pissed. She 's only flown twice!

Hung her on the wall for a few weeks where I would occasionally look at her with disdain.

Today, lacking anything better to do, I took her down and began troubleshooting. The motors get power, giving the start-up sequence tones. No throttle response. I checked the transmitter programming, reset the throttle limits on the ESCs, checked the reciever bind, swapped recievers out, changed the Y-cable (twin motors), connected each ESC directly to the receiver independently, and then finally swapped out the ESCs one at a time with one I have on hand and with that, power and throttle on both motors! Both ESCs are bad.

I've ordered a couple of 30 amp Heads Up RC ESCs to replace them. These guys ship so fast I am almost surprised they aren't here already!


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