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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RC Pilot Magazine

I received a promo email from Tower Hobbies about the newly launched RC Pilot Magazine, and thought I'd check it out. After going through the premier issue, available for free, I easily decided to subscribe. A project of Michael Kranitz, one of the cofounders of RC Universe, this webzine is amazing in its premier issue, and has three other issues since. In the premier issues I found really well written pieces exploring the personalities of our hobby, pilot, airplane, and heli stories, videos that a expertly done, with beautiful photos, in a format that is designed well for the screen. RC Flightdeck lists on an intactive map dozens of fly in's, rc events and shows, with information about each, and when needed online registration for the event. Even the ads are fun, many production videos by manufacturers (loved the short one for Realflight!). This clearly is designed from the ground up as an interactive experience. From what I have seen so far this is hands down the best emag out there. Period. Eye candy, brain candy, and rc addiciton fix! Every page was another wow!

As I write this the current iPad app (you can read the mag on a computer too) allows me to download the issues prior to April's issue, which requires an updated app that Michael tells me is done, awaiting final approval by Apple, and is expected to be released soon.

Get a subscription now and get a free RC Pilot T-shirt! I got the thumbs one coming.


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