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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

If its not one thing its another...

I took the Erazor up after really working the main rotor and tail rotor mechanisms over, cleaning and lubricating everything. I decided to put the Align GP 780 gyro back on it, and whatta ya know... its working without the wag! I flew it at BMF today and got a couple good flights in, and the tail held perfectly, except when the whole heli would have a split second seizure. Did this every few minutes, quick, then back to normal. Sometimes it was yaw. mostly it was pitch that would suddenly change, once throwing it to the ground in full neg pitch. Sometimes it was a partial roll. I changed out the reciever to one I know is good, and its not the problem. I changed the ESC/BEC at home and in my last hop in the driveway the problem did not occur again. I think I have outed these recent gremilins. Tomorrow I will be back at BMF and flying the crap out of it!

I spun up the HDX 500 and the minute I did the main gear threw teeth... This was after taking the one way bearing out and deep cleaning it. I took the motor out and checked the pinion and its good. I reset it to make sure it meshes well without being tight or loose, and its fine. I fired up the heli without the blades and no lost teeth, no unusual sounds or anything. I had changed the ESC from soft start to very soft a while back. I don't remember when, and I am not certain that I did... but I noticed that the startup stutters in very soft start. Not sure that causes the teeth grinding... I set it to soft start and it doesn't stutter. I wonder if this was the problem? Shouldn't be, but I got nothing else...

Flew the C-47, the Ultimate, and remaidened the eHawk glider. Its an odd bird... doesn't fly smoothly, but she flew well. I will need to take it up again soon. Landing was a mess... tip stalled, needs to come in hot. I am going to set up flaperons.

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