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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A-10 Powered Up!

I noted that my BlitzRCWorks A-10 Warthog had the odd bad luck for both ESCs to burn out at the same time, having flown it not more than a couple of times. I blogged ab out this in What are the Odds? a couple of weeks ago. I ordered new 30A ESCs from HeadsUpRC because they stock good products and ship so fast the parts arrive as you finish the order! I wasn't disappointed and they arrived 2 days later. Today I had a chance today to test and install them.

ESCs removed.

The dual HURC 30A ESCs installed for the test. I soldered the power connectors to the ESC battery leads rather than solder the wires themselves together (not pictured).

Here the wiring harnesses are in place and the ESCs tucked in the nacelles. You can see the green shrink wrap around the power connectors I soldered. I cut small paths in the nacelle foam for the wires leading off the ESCs (the orange labeled computers) This cleaned up the wires in the nacelle, where they dangled in the stock setup. You can see the white foam where the stock wires had been hot glued to the bottom of the nacelle. I pulled the motor wire straight off the motor to the center, and the ESC power wires are pulled right out of the nacelle to the center. I taped this all in place with clear packing tape.

Here the nacelle is all closed up. I chose not to re-glue the nacelles and found the screws and straps that hold them together were not sturdy, so I used tape along the side.

Everything fired up nicely! Looking forward to trying her again on the flightline!

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