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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Awesome Bloodbath!

It sucked but it was awesome!

First, I took up the EXI 450 BeastX and flew her like a crazy man. It was a great flight in tight control, figure 8s, hammerheads, everything but loops and rolls. Lost control when I made a conscious decision for a control input instead of just flying her when she was heading towards me, and compounded it by more thinking-flying, putting her in the ground. She suffered a blade strike on the tail, and the head is going to need to be rebuilt. Lots of work, but It was totally worth it.

I also took up the Erazor 450 for several flights, also doing some awesome fast forward flight with good control. She has that cheap gyro on her the Assan GY250, I think its called, and the tail kept kicking out, not holding well in hover (held fine in forward flight). I was bringing her in after another awesome flight and about half a foot off the ground a gust hit her and she spun her head around hard, a main blade striking the ground. The head needs work, but the blades are good. Plan to have both of these ready to fly again tomorrow!

Not to be outdone, I took the Sbach 342 up for a couple of spins. I flew her with the 10 x7 prop and liked her performance. I tried the 11x5 and she was mushy. Then she killed herself. Like my PulseXT she would not come out of a dive in the Dangerous Quadrant in Mordor, and slammed into the ground at high speed. Witnesses heard me call out that she wasn't responding to elevator just before the crash. On inspection she had not lost bind, the servos all work, the control rods are all fine. We have no idea why this happened... crap.


  1. It is exactly what happened to my Sbach 342.

  2. Saw your video, sorry for your beautiful plane. I wonder if the 9gm servo is strong enough to pull the plane out of a dive?