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Friday, March 16, 2012

450 Revival

It would have been a great picture... My Erazor 450 came down hard in wet Mississippi mud, and was half buried. Somehow I failed to take one, probably because I was sinking ankle deep in that mud. I had to take it completely apart, and I mean right down to screws and bearings, to get them mud out. One servo died in the crash, but the electronics all survived. I put it all back together again last night reoiking anything that moved, rest her CCPM, and flew her again this morning! From flight, to crash in thick mud, to unbuilding and cleaning to rebuilding, to resetting the CCPM, to flight testing, all in a day!

Those following my Align GP 780 tail wag problem might be intested that the Erazor's GP 780 has been working fine since I worked her and addressed anything that might cause vibration. I thought she was a clean machine before, but now, especially after yesterday's rebuild, she's an enginnering marvel. The GO 790 gyro came in from mhein18 the other day. I put it on the Frankenheli, and the was a wag. I went back and changed the tail shaft, which I found ever so slightly bent. I also put a new head on it, fresh out of the box, since the used EXI head was pretty loosy-goosy. I snugged things up, cleaned things out, and bang, no wag!

So pretty excited that both of my 450 flybar helis are revived. My EXI 450 flybarless is still awaiting parts. It too should be up soon. Today I found out some electircla provlems I was having yesterday with the HDX 500 were from a failing and now failed BEC. Ordered a new one from HeadsUpRC today, so I think barring another crash, I will soon have all of mynhelis up at the same time!


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