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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to Basic 2 Blade FBL

I decided to set my EXI BeastX FBL system up as a 2 blade system rather than as the 4 blade system I had originally set up.  I didn't have much success flying her. There was some pitch instability that made her jump up and down violently. I don't know if it was a link that came loose or if it was the BeastX (which does all the CCPM mixing and pitch control beyond the pitch curves). I don't know if one of the blades went rogue (the swash stabilizer arm had bumped one of the swash control rod ball links off, thought I had addressed it, but maybe not?). I am learning a lot about this BeastX and look foward to mastering it before setting it up on my Trex 600e Pro FBL later this year.

Two Bladed EXI 450 BeastX FBL.

CopterX Swash, generic (Tarot, most likely) FBL Rotor Head. I took the feathering shaft out to inspect it and grease the bearings. Its a standard 450 feathering shaft. Not sure what else I expected, but I like that.

The kit included this silver aluminum piece. It had 3mm threaded holes on either end, and another in the base. I have no idea what its for...

Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

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