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Helis and fixed wing

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cornell Died-ed

Level flight, total electronics failure. Slow right roll into a high speed dive into the Southern Ents. The breast of the wing is 30 feet up in a tree with part of the wing, the other is missing. No idea where the receiver is. Recovered the tail in a bush beneath the tree, the nose beeping 10 feet away. Buried in the toxic effluent from the waste dump that our field sits on. Into which I sunk knee deep to recover these pieces. After forging through the poison ivy. And avoiding the rattlers. Afterwards, no ticks.

Curiously, I don't give a shit. It was jinxed from day one. I'll salvage what I can of the electronics (saved the pack) and when I get the itch, I'll build the NIB one.

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