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Friday, March 23, 2012

Lucky me...

Well... I think I am done with the CopterX 450 4-blade head. I was never thrilled with the screw as a feathering shaft into a hollow aluminum head. I suppose some variation of this is used on all multi heads, but if I try it again it will be with a higher quality head. While hovering it today trying to figure out why my BeastX is misbehaving the head threw an intact blade with its grip across my lawn, 90 degrees from where I was standing, some 30 feet. It would have hurt if it hit me, but not too bad I think. The force of the imbalance bent the mainshaft and loosened all the remaining grips, bending their screws. The grip that came off can't be secured snug as the hole in the rotor head is stripped...
I have that bargain head coming, but I plan on replacing it with another Tarot 450 FBL head. I'm thinking of moving the BeastX to the Frankenheli with the good Tarot head on it. Maybe tomorrow.

Or... maybe I'll get one of these?



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