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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just take those pants off...

Funny, they work so well on my Eflite PulseXT and my Cosmic Wind, but, well, a picture is worth a thousand words...

Trim flight of the Sbach. It wasn't a hard landing, and the speed was not great. She touched down and peeled them right off...

I had maidened her a week ago, and she bent her motor box. Rebuilt her, with pretty darn low rates and higher expo. She still needs to be dialed down from 40% with 30 expo on aileron and elevator. So after trimming her out and tooling about a bit I brought her in, she touched down... it was a short roll out to say the least.


Placed the landing gear on the fuse for this shot. The cote just peeled right back. The landing gear block just popped out.

Closer view of the peeled fuse. You can see the hole in the wing.

The closer part is the wheel box. Its pretty frail.

Side view. The rectangle to the left is the landing gear box, where the gear plate is attached. I missed getting a pic of the repair... I used popsicle stick to run two frame pieces across the back of the gear box (right edge of the box, next to the red velcro). I ran three pieces of 4mm square stock along the right and left fuse after replacing the broken stringer at the top. I ran the stock along it, and did the same on the other side, and one down the middle. This supported the popsicle stick wall I built earlier. I then replaced the landing gear box with CA after some judicious trimming, and set it with Gorilla glue inside the box.

On their way past the plane, the wheel pant poked a hole in the sheet balsa, also quite thin. I pulled it back up and CA'd it, then applied a little hobby filler. Sanded it down, and recoted it. There was no other damage.

All done, underside.

Propped down from a 10x7 to a 9x6. On a subjective static test it felt like it had a lot more thrust. In the trim flight she again seemed a bit under powered, but the motor should provide more than enough. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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