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Friday, February 24, 2012

Align GP780 Tail Wag

My 4 month old GP780 on a seasoned 450 heli started to wag. I tried decreasing the gain, and it slowed the wag, but did not abolish it. Increasing the gain sped up the wag. I changed everything that might cause a vibration, no joy. I tried it on another heli, still wagged. That gyro just left for Align USA for eval. It will turn out to be fine. Some on Helifreak say its just too sensitive to vibrations and many have had to abandon it for this reason. Well, a new GP780 arrived today and guess what... same wag! I doubt these are bad gyros, just too sensitive which makes them unusable. I am trying to return it to the eBay seller for a refund so I can buy a Spartan Quark from Helidirect. I love Align, and am looking forward to building my Align 600e FBL heli soon, but maybe without Align parts as I had planned?

Here's vid of the wag, even though its strapped down tight!

UPDATE (2/25/12): See the Assan GA250 MEMS test.

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