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Monday, February 6, 2012

Wearin' me down...

Last time I flew the Erazor she crashed when I tried to turn her and psyched myself into a spin. I rebuilt her, some surprisingly slight damage, and hovered her. She stripped her main gear. What? Stripped another one. Noticed the mesh between the pinion and the main gear was off, reset the main motor so they touched with a paper between. Stripped another gear... Decided to remove the cover and get to the pinion, and damn, whodda thunk?

The one on the right is worn completely out... I was surprised. It has been almost a year and a half, so it was about time. I need to pay more attention to this. The one on the left is a replacement. The original is a 11T, the new one is a 12T. The old one looked like the new one when I started! Set up the pinion and main gear, and ran her without blades to check the mesh, backlash and make sure it wasn't overheating. Worked awesome! Tomorrow I will fly!

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