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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Assan GA250 Test

In my last post I pointed out the wag my Align GP780 developed. Two of them, actually. Using the same heli, I installed a Assan A250 MEMS gyro, a $10 gyro from Hobby King. Yup, $10. I am not sure it is much better than a piezo... Here's a short vid of the test (I flew several). It works fine, no wag. This also illustrates that the tail system is otherwise intact.

UPDATE 2/29/12: The seller of the second gyro has kindly responded to my refund request. They are interested in helping me solve the gyro problem if they can before refunding, and offered up another 780, or the new 790. What I know of the 790 is that its a step back, a budget 780 using SMM instead of MEMS. This might be a good idea, they work fine, but are "softer" than MEMS. Along with a hinted at software update, maybe it will be less sensitive than the 780?

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