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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stearman Rebuild Complete

It was three weeks ago I stalled and crashed my beloved Eflite Stearman. A lot of work and waiting, and today, I installed the cowl, the prop, and tested her motor and surfaces. Everything in working order! I checked CG and its spot on.

But as I have learned with this hobby, "its always something".

Last night I poured some extra epoxy into the front of the cowl to strengthen the brown part. I left a wadded up paper towel in the hole to keep it from leaking all over, not anticipating it would soak into the paper towel and, well, wad up the hole... I was able to cut and dig this out easily.

I was able to clean it up pretty well.

The cowl is on. Its a tight fit, getting the motor centered to clear the cowl. I also hand drilled 4 holes in the front face of cowl to increase air flow through the motor and across the ESC. Otherwise the only way air gets into the fuse is around the prop hole.

CG is spot on! Can't wait to fly!!!!