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Thursday, March 3, 2011

In support of Eric, the Nitroplanes CS Guy

I posted this on RCDiscuss in the Nitroplanes CS forum after reading some nasty posts from customers.

SUBJ: Thanks, Eric, for doing a job that must suck (the rest of us, chill...)

At the risk of sounding like a Nitroplanes/xheli/hobbypartz/nitroplanes evangelist, I hope you will take a moment to think about my comments here.

I was thinking as I was reading some of these CS request posts about how frustrated we pilots get when things don't go as planned. I expect things not to go quite as well as I wished, but add to that the difficulty getting through to CS described and experienced by many of us, and it gets hard sometimes to be patient. I read comments by users that I hope would never occur face-to-face, taking out their frustrations out on Eric, and it annoys the hell out of me.

Eric is a guy just like us, who goes to work and does his job, one I have no idea why anyone whould choose. I am sure, like the rest of us, there are days he has his A game, and days when he brings his B game. I am sure he does what he can for us. I am also pretty sure he wishes there were more of him, (assuming he is really one guy, and not a bunch of people at NP under the same name). His job is to get to as many of us as he can, and to try to do right by us. We will tell him our troubles, give him good and worthless info about our problems, and expect him to move the world for us. Some of us will lie to him, abuse him and his company, rob from them and rarely thank them when they come through. Some of us blow things up, burn them out, and find other ways of abusing their products, and expect them to compensate us. Some of us have expectations that can never be met, even if he was the owner of the company. And yes, every now and then he or one of his "minions" screws up. And yes, sometimes we get the short end of the stick, usually through no fault of his. But more often than not, Nitroplanes comes through when our concerns are valid, our expectations appropriate, and the info we provide useful to solving the problem. He doesn't have any control over most of the things that piss us off. The customer isn't always right, and I have never seen Eric treat us the way some of us treat him. While we would like it to be, its not all about just you, its about all of us, waiting our turns. Please keep these things in mind when you work with CS.

Put your order number in your email. Sends pics, vid, whatever will make it easier for him to help you. It can be a PITA, but if you want quick results, get him what he needs to help you. Realize how many CS requests he gets (I understand, not our problem, but really, if you want much higher prices they'll be glad to hire more people), and wait your turn. If he misses your email, send him a kind bump.

Thanks Eric, for doing what you can and not going postal on us. You have helped many more of us than have missed out getting what we need, and I for one appreciate it. Sorry you job sucks, but man, "choose your rate, choose your fate".  I just hope you are an RC pilot too, and can fly off that stress!


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