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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weather Break!

Finally got a break in the weather, albeit with brisk winds. The winds were kind enough to be directly down the runway from the south. I took advantage of the winds to practice my landings, and am improving. I did manage to crack the new gear again with my last landing (a nice snap was heard). The gear are good, just fractured the CF on the outside. I put some JB Weld on it, and have ordered a replacement, but right now it looks good.

I also flew the Trex 600 and again grounded the tail blades on my last flight, stripping the forward umbrella and this time the autrotation gear (I was auto-rotating to landing when I touched). I read about putting a Trex 700 tail fin on it to raise the tail and will put a servo wheel on the end to add more protection if needed. I realized today that the fin I have is very thin and vibrates, so it needs replacing anyway.

I got a lot of flights in today, and enjoyed every minute!

Hot, sunny, protecting the canopy. Forgot a towel, used the wing bag.

Robby and Jerry flying Robby's glow Escapade.

Kenny's sweet 60cc twin cylinder Carden Edge 540.
Very nicely tuned!

I am probably going to go again tomorrow, weather permitting. Get Aidan out on the Alpha and give him some time on the MX2, which I didn't take today. Enjoyed a great flying day, good conversation and improving my skills!

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