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Monday, June 2, 2014

MX2 Wing Repairs Completed

Finishing out the MX2 I got form Kenny that I will be converting to electric.

Last night I put the cross bars in to provide more flex support beyond the wing tube, and this morning I finished with top with some spackle then coted everything. It came out much better than I had hoped, perfectly true!

On the left a single 4x4mm balsa post between ribs, and to the right the popsicle stick X up against the main rib where the wing tube ends.

Another view.

A little spackle on top of the sheeted wood after repairing the cracked sheet balsa and putting a rectangle of tongue depressor under the sheet (used a push rod attached to a small post I CA'd to the rectangle to get it into place, with 5 Min Epoxy).  Tailored a piece of white cote. Can you tell where the repair is? Remember this wing had been repaired before (as I worked with the cote I can see patches).

I think this was ingenious of me, but I doubt I am the first to do it. I needed to segue a small piece of black cote at the corner. In the photo below you can't see it, but I wanted to continue the curve of the trim cote as I carried the black panel out to the end of the wing. I used a pencil to trace out the existing shape and used it as a template.

The finished wing on the bottom! I didn't continue the checkerboard as I don't have any of that green. You can't tell but the outer edge has the green of the original checkerboard and the white trim curving down, the black intercepts it. I an considering continuing the white trim down the inner side of the wing just for giggles.


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