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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Align Trex 600e Pro and other repairs

I have flown my Align Trex 600e Pro twice now, and both flights went well right up to landing. I landed on both occasions with the tail slightly down at touchdown and in both instances the tail blades ground struck. In the first accident the tail blades broke, and on the second they broke and the forward umbrella gear and torque tube gears stripped a few teeth. 

I spoke with Jason at Amainhobbies, who helped me select the right replacement gears. I asked him about taller landing gear, and he noted the white stock ones are FC3 skids and are about a cm lower that the black standard ones. The black ones would give me more clearance. I don't think you can tell from this picture but the tail fin used to touch the ground with the blades a mere 1/2 inch above the ground. Now the tail is off the ground by a cm and the tail blades are almost 2 cm above the ground. The hell is definitely sitting taller! 

Replacing the gears was a piece of cake. I love the modular tail box: the entire tail assembly comes off in one piece. I opened the box and swapped out the gears (scary moment when the bearings holding the torque tube umbrella gear would not let go of one of the old gear and I was afraid of damaging the bearing). Soaked the bearings in WD-40 Silicone, and put it all back together, total time about 30 minutes.

I also got the landing gear for the 30cc Sbach in from Troybuilt Models. I wish I could order everything from these folks: fast, fast, fast shipping! They went in with a minor modification of the bolt holes (off 1 mm on each side). There is a hole in the center which is to anchor the middle of the gear, where most carbon fiber gears break. My thought is that they break there because of flex, and I don't know that preventing a little fleet there is a good idea... not sure. May just put a screw in there anyway.  I also had to replace the rudder/tail wheel steering rod, a piece of metal rod that makes the tailwheel move with the rudder, as it snapped off while taxing the other day. Replaced another prop (this was my fault, dropped her hard on her gear, hence the replacement, and broke another prop. I need to work on my landings with this bird...).

Weather is expected to suck the next couple of days, no flying expected. I have a set of gear for the MX2 coming from General Hobby, ordered the day before I found the Troybuilt ones (and not sure its even shipped yet). Hobbylinc is sending me some wheels for the MX2. Once those are installed and I repair the wing, she is ready to go! 

Another move coming up, this time to Manchester, New Hampshire. More on that soon!

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