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Friday, June 13, 2014

30 size Goldwing MX2 Done!

I finished the MX2 today, well, short of installing the aft vent. It wasn't without its challenges, as we say, there's always something.

The Turnigy Rotomax 1.40 Glow/30cc Gas equivalent motor is the biggest one I have ever put on an aircraft. Capable of 2775 watts, its magnormous! The motor mount is from DuBro via Tower Hobbies and is designed for gas to electric conversions. The Rotomax has 4 screws that hold the back-plate to the motor, and they were off just a smidge from the bolt holes on the mount. So that took some work. The mount is set at its shortest length and the motor fits lengthwise PERFECTLY! There is 1 mm between the cowl and the prop back plate, perfectly centered. I also had to work hard to get the mount centered and drilled new holes to mount it. It overlapped the gas mounting holes a tad as you can see in the pic.

Side view. Its big, I tell you, BIG! I will be flying it 10S with 4500 mAh, (two 5S 4500 in series). She will turn a 20x11e APC prop guided by a FunFly HV 100A ESC, which I programmed today. 

I also did a really cool receiver power setup using a 2S 2200 mAh LiPo battery and a Miracle switch from TroyBuilt. I ran the 2S balance plug through the fuel dot!  To do that I had to cut and extension, run the wires through the dot, and solder them back together.  Now I can charge the LiPo through the JR plug and balance it at the same time. I thought this was pretty clever of me!  I can, of course, do the same thing through the removed canopy, but this was fun to do.

In position just aft of the cowl on the right side where the original ignition/receiver switch set was.

I used a rubber band to hold tension pulling the plug back in the dot. I can push it out for use. I have a 2S JXT extension and a JR extension that will allow me to charge the pack using my LiPo charging station.

A view of the forward compartment showing the main battery bay (Dual Lock Velcro) and the switch set, and in the middle, just aft of the wing tube (and unfortunately then, the CG) the receiver battery. I could have bought a NiMH pack, but I have a couple of 2S 2200 mAh receiver packs for my helis so I just used one of them.

The aft vent, on my carefully chosen styrofoam painting table... Install in the am when its dry, and the plane is done!


This has been a major project, from repairing the wing to converting it to electric.

Looking forward to "maiden" flight in a few days! Full up picks soon!

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