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Saturday, June 7, 2014

A most excellent day!

Today I maddened the electric Sbach 70, and she flew perfectly. Put 4 batteries through her as I figured out what she could do.

Skyline Sbach 70 electric.

Electric Sbach 70 taking a break

I also got the nerve up to start up and fly the new-to-me 30cc Sbach (gasoline) for four flights! She remained a bit nose heavy, and a bit rich. I think this is why she can be difficult to start. That and I haven't quite figured out how to work with the Quikfire...  No pics, dammit. Tonight I took the cowl off and removed the last weights from the nose. I also added about 3 oz to the tail, but that's what it took. I decided to open the bottom and create a louvered vent hole aft; I am making the louver thingy now. This allows me to create a low pressure zone that will pull air through the fuselage from the cowl. It also allowed me to create a shelf to put the weight in. With the cowl off she is a tad tail heavy, with the cowl on she is still nose heavy but only a bit. I think she will be nicely balanced all told. I'll have some pics of the mod tomorrow.

May fly again tomorrow!

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