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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dammit, Cat...

My 30cc Sbach became a chew toy for Neko, one of my more mischievous Siberian cats, with a penchant for chewing on horizontal stabs and elevators (its not the first time). Despite my efforts to keep the Sbach, which I could not hang from the wall away from Neko, she found an exposed elevator and chewed on it. This morning, after spending yesterday getting the engine running, I tackled the repair.

Bad kitty.

Right elevator leading edge.

Outside trailing edge.


Debrided the dead tissue.

Installed, whittled down and sanded the balsa plug.


Only spackled the holes in the training edge.

Sanded down the spackle.

And covered with white cote. Done! Came out rather well.

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