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Monday, June 9, 2014


I decided to build the MX2 that Kenny gave me, and last night ordered all the electronics. They should be here by the end of the week.

Kenny had described that the plane rolls out at low speeds and can catch one unwary, especially on landing. Since I could, and I think they look kinda cool, I made side force generators for it (the wings are drilled for them, the model comes with them, but this one didn't). I didn't photo the build, but I epoxied two 3" wide pieces of wood end to end to make a 6" tall SFG for each side.

The left wing is on the left, the right wing is on the right. After gluing I sanded, then coted them.
Oh... wait... that damn flag is upside down... WTF.

In the process my elderly Dremel Stylus, since discontinued by Dremel, failed... so Wally-World let me buy a Dremel 3000. Decided to go corded for the power; now need to watch my fingers even more carefully.

I also designed a baffle for the cut-out for the DLE 35 that used to be in the cowl, and decided instead to create a louver system to drive intake air up through the electric motor. I will need to build another set aft to draw the air out. Getting kinda tired of building louver systems... I finished the build and painting. Tomorrow when I install it I'll post photos!

Okay, calm down citizens... here's a preview!

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