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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Moving to New Hampshire!

Things are moving quick with my new job in Manchester, New Hampshire!

I plan to move up there within the next couple of weeks as an advance team with Aidan and am very excited. I've been looking for a new club up there; there are a couple of them to choose from, the closest seeming to be the Southern NH RC Club in Wagner Field, One Landfill Road, Hudson, NH, about 19 miles from my house. Only a little better than the 26 miles I am currently driving. There's another field, about the same difference, with a Geo-tex runway that would be nice too, so I may have to check them both out before I commit.

UPDATE (7/2/14): Recieved a wonderfully friendly and inviting welcome letter from John Hayes, the Secretary of the SNHRCC this morning! He invited me to meet with him, call him, and learn more. Now that's how a good club works! This is exciting. They show a respect for all aspects of our sport, and I especially appreciate the efforts they have made on the behalf of their electric flyers (they have a 12 V, soon to be upgraded to 24V solar powered charging station!). I get a bit anxious joining a new club. I have visited clubs that are inviting, and some where I felt like an outsider even after I joined. I don't like to fly at fly-ins for the same reason I get anxious flying at new fields: I psych myself out that I am not a good enough flyer and I don't enjoy it... This kind of welcome takes that edge off!

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