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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today was a very good day.

Made it out to the SNHFE field in Merrimack today.  I brought out the MX-Bach having changed the old red Sbach Thunderbolts to green to match the MX-2 color scheme, the 10CC Sukhoi, and the new Great Planes Twinstar.

For a long time I have wanoted to change the red bolts and make the wings match the fuse, I finally bought some thicker self adhesive flourescent green cote and traced out the bolts. I used some lime green cote to edge it for comtrast.

I have some work to do learning how to fly her, and my other large scale planes. She flew well, despite me. Now she looks awesome!

First flight in her new colors!

Just before the maiden of the new Twinstar. She flew tail heavy despite her being on CG, so I had to make some adjustments. She is amazingly fast! Flying her 4S.

The RCGF 10cc Sukhoi 26 flew well, also despite me. On both her and the MX-Bach, and I suspect the 30 cc MXS-R, I have to figure out what the DR and Expo settings are that work best for me. I love this plane, and how that RCGF engine sounds. Others loved it too, and asked me about it. Hope I developed some more fans!

Kenny, Bobby, Tommy and new guy Dennis, working on Dennis' Kaden glow. Dennis got it free. He's worked a lot of RC cars and trucks, but is new to flying. Tommy and Bobby put it together for him and "maidened" it for Dennis. Hopefully Dennis will get to learn on her, and fly her soon.

It was a bit gusty, and the winds were from the north making the 36 Runway necessary, with its challenge of coming in over the Ents of the South. All in all it was a great day of flying.

My Hanger 9 Power Pro Starter has always had a twitchy switch. Hate it for that switch. I had taken it apart to try to fix it, which require disassembling the whole damn thing. It finally gave out completely today. Having nothing to lose, I bought a push button switch at Radio Shack and replaced the switch. It's fixed... there is still something not quite right about it, but it's working again. If it fails again, screw it, I'll get a different one.

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