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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Phoenix Models 10cc Spitfire Build Update

I've been working on the Spitfire, installing the electronics including the servos for the throttle, rudder and elevators, installed the fuel and ignition systems, and today installed the landing gear, flap and aileron Y-harnesses and passed them into the upper compartment.

I had it in my head that with al these Y's a 6 channel receiver would be enough. Of course I need 7... in no particular order:

1. Throttle
2. Flaps
3. Ailerons
4. Rudder
5. Elevator
6. Remote Ignition Kill Switch
7. Receiver Battery-Bind

Last night I ordered a Spektrum 7 channel reciever from Horizon Hobby. Right after I clicked SUBMIT I realized that I could have picked one up at ABC RC & Hobbies on my rounds today... dammit.

UPDATE:  OMG... The receiver is going to take 8 days to get here! Who knew FedEx uses bicycles for deliver from IL to NH?

Put a bigger wheel on the tail.

Under-side electronics bay. empty.

Upper-side electronics bay, empty.

Bringing the wing together, the vertical and horizontal stabs being hinged.

Upper bay FILLED literally to the brim. The receiver itself will go on the left next to the switches. At least that's the plan.  In this view you can see the fuel dot and intake line. It runs down the port side, crosses in front of the tank to the starboard and goes out of the motor box to the lower nipple on the QuikFire.

The bay is filled. The Remote Ignition Kill Switch, the underside of the switches, the throttle servo, and aft, the elevator and rudder servos. You can see the fuel vent; the only place it could go. There is a spar in the centerline, and I did not want it sitting on the side of the fuse with fuel dribbling down the cote. I chose to let it collect in the airscoop of the cowl and dry/drain from there.

I installed the QuikFire fuel filter. The RCGF ignition is in orange under the box.  I had to trim the exhaust pipe to get this through the cowl. I may need to put a coupler on it to extend it...

In these views the fuel line from the  fuel dot, into the lower of the paired QuikFire nipples is not yet connected.

The Y-harnesses for the landing gear, flaps and ailerons coming out of the wing. I will be making these as short as possible and run permanent leads down from the receiver. I want to be able to remove the wing for transport.  Yes, I did tear the cote... and I have since fixed it.


This is the form fitting cut-out. In the end, to get it to slide on easily and get the spark plug wire though and out, I had to enlarge and expand the openings. When things are done I'll post a new pic of the final.

Wings on! Awaiting the Spektrum 7 channel receiver!  Once that's in I will program it and start working on getting the engine started.  One thing I had to compromise on was the fuel vent... it had to come out under the section just behind the motor box, which puts it INSIDE the air scoop of the cowl. The inside of the fuse is almost entirely taken up by the fuel tank. I coated the inside of the fiberglass  air scoop with epoxy, and will use thinned fuel proofing in the adjacent fiberglass to protect it. I will need to be conscious, more than usual, of the fuel overflow on filling the tank. I vented the bottom of the scoop with two holes, and opened the back a little to allow airflow to dry any gas that drains out. I am not happy with this, but there really is no where else for it to go. On a glow there would be no ignition battery, so it could go there. We'll see if she goes up in flames one day.

Once I have the cowl on and secured I'll start the decal application. 

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