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Friday, April 1, 2016

Phoenix Spitfire MKII Build - Parts Ordered

A while back I purchased my Phoenix Spitfire MKII 60 a few months ago on a special from  Tower Hobbies.  Today I ordered the parts I need.

I plan on using Tactic TSX-47 Digital metal gear servos on ailerons, rudder, elevator and throttle. I saved $50 by using Hitec HS-485HB karbonite gear servos on the flaps that I have on hand. I prefer metal gears on my gassers, but I think this is safe and appropriate.

I will use the RCGF 10cc gas engine, the newest one with attached carb and a choke, and attach a mini-tachometer.  It will have a 4 20cc gas tank. It will have an RC EXCEL optical remote cut-off I install on all my gassers. I will install a Star dual power switch, and Kazu fuel dot and vent. I purchased two 6V NIMH reciever/ignition packs from Hobbyking. I plan to use a Master Airscrew 13x8 3 blade prop I have on hand, and ordered a Dubro 3 blade 3 inch Spinner.

I had purchased electric landing gear retracts from HK as well. I bought them as a pair, but can't find them. They weren't very expensive, I think less than $20  a pair. I just don't trust mechanical retracts.

The parts will start to arrive over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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