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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lexus CT200h DC tap Updated

After getting some more advice from Ted Ede and Yaz, both of whom I probably should have talked to first, I upgraded the 12V DC tap on my Lexus CT200h, that I had just installed yesterday. I removed the original tap line.  I ran out to O'Reilly Autoparts and picked out 10 AWG wire and and an in line fuse box, and decided on a 25A fuse. At checkout I was reading the case holding the fuse holder and realized that the wiring for it was 12 gauge, so I traded the 10 for 12, as it made more sense (there were no easily identified 10 AWG fuse holders).  I redid the tap line as I had done it yesterday, but with the fuse in line on the red wire. Didn't take long at all.

The tap cable with fuse in line, I later protected the live ends with a converted EC5 adapter, as I had done before.

Tap line just before bolting it on the 12V battery.

Now convenient AND safe!

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