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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ABC RC & Hobbies, Windham, NH

Too gusty to fly this morning, and needing three Y-harnesses, I decide to take Clara, my 2014 Triumph Tiger 800 out on a tour of local hobby shops until I found them.

I stopped by ABC RC & Hobbies, 11 Rockingham Road, Windham, NH. What a marvelous tiny but amazingly well stocked shop! I met Fred Padovan, a co-owner, a nice, personable guy. He notes that they are moving next door to a spa e occupied formerly by a gym, which will triple their space. Picked up my y-harnesses at a great price. Show these guys some RC love, will ya?  On the web at the link, on Facebook, and by phone 603.458.6481.

I first went in search of Paul Linn's new location for Model Aircraft Fabricators, but I fear he has closed his business. He's not been at the old location by DW Diner for some time and was planning on moving. His website is closed, and his Facebook shows 301 DW Hi-way as the new location, but the sign displayed is the old one. I rode out there and nothing. His phone is no longer in service. Bummer, I like him and his little shop, sorry to see him go. If you know where he went, please let me know!
Since I found what I needed I didn't stop at RC Buyer's Warehouse. I like them they have a lot, but given a choice if Fred has it, I'm going to Windham. Every time I go to RC Buyers I feel like I don't belong there so I tend to go in and out. At Fred's I wanted to hang out a bit!

Now that its late in the afternoon the winds have died down, but I have kid duties to attend to, so no flying today. I'll be installing the wing on the Spitfire!


  1. I've been there a few times, and the "personality" of the shop was as you described. If they're expanding, that's great, as I was always challenged to find many of the things I was looking for.
    As for RC Buyers, I know some of the guys, so I can't share your feeling of "don't belong", but I do get a bit irritated with their lack of prices on much of their stock. I don't like the surprise when I get to the register.

  2. I noticed that too, about finding out about prices.

    I am a bit picky about being welcomed in places that want me there. Every time I go in there no one ever says a word to me until I check out, then its all business. No one asks me what I fly, where I fly, or anything else about the hobby. Which is fine, but we RC fliers are a small group that needs to bring in everyone who is remotely interested. I would have started decades ago if I had been welcomed in and made aware of the entirety of the hobby.