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Friday, April 22, 2016

Not much happened...

In between rain and under cloudy skies, the winds were calm with breezes from the south, and I had been itching to fly, so I took the two gassers out.

The 10CC decided to be a pain in the ass and didn't like the change from 40-50 degrees with no humidity, to 70 and Mississippi muggy. She would run, but didn't actually run right, bogged down and quit time and again in idle. So I abandoned her, and set up the DLE 30 cc Breitling MXS-R. She ran fine, so I warmed her up and since she hadn't been flown in a couple of months, I ran a half a tank through her, refueled and took her up.

Perfect takeoff, tootled around and realized I was scared to death. I have had such a bad run of luck lately that I had no confidence. A couple of simple loops and I brought her in and landed perfectly, trying not to hyperventilate. I calmed down and put her in the bench. Since I hadn't tuned her up since the cold weather and wondered if she ran a bit under powered (still with unlimited vertical) I de-cowled her and tweaked her a bit. In the middle of that my teenager texted that he was back from Boston and needed to be picked up, so I had to pack up. Next time I take her out I will likely finish tuning her.

I got home and tweaked the 10cc, and she is running better than ever. Noticed that with the cowl on I picked up another 200 rpm.  I am glad RCGF abandoned the pressurized pump and single needle carb as it's a bit touchy and needy. I expect that the new edition with the Walboro style carb  I have on the Spitfire will run fine.

Bummed I didn't get more time to shake off the jitters...

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