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Monday, April 11, 2016

Jerry Gollot, old friend, fly buddy...I miss you.

I learned today on visiting my old club's website, MCRCC in Gulfport, MS, that one of my friends has died. Jerry died on March 24, 2016. Jerry was a true southern gentleman. I loved him, and he was one of my first fly buddies. He taught me how to be an aviator, how to teach, how to be a club member, how to be a good man despite the few assholes at the club, and though I won't admit it publicly, he taught me to like some conservatives... My thoughts are with Sandra, his lovely and loving wife, and his family.

Jerry taught me how to fly. (Ron Johnson taught me how not to fly... just kidding!). He took me up with my Alpha Sport 450 on a buddy box on my very first day at the field, stuck with me every time I showed up, and had me solo with confidence shortly thereafter. He was my first "pusher' in this lovely addiction we call RC flight. He was one of the original Flying Monkeys. He taught me not to be afraid of nitro planes. He was always present, and he always helped. Always. 

I miss you, Jerry. I really do.

(Dammit Kenny... you should have called me).

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