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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It was a good day.

One day off yesterday, had to fly AND ride the motorcycle, did both. I flew well and everybody came home as they left!

My Skyline MXS-R Breitling 30cc DLE. Love that sound!

I wanted to shake off the jitters, so I brought out the Alpha 450 and flew the crap out of her. I twisted her so hard her horizontal stab came loose. She still had a jiggy nosewheel (likes to peel off to the right) and I wasn't able to field adjust it fully, solved it when I got home by re-doing the entire rudder/nose wheel/rudder servo assembly. I think I have straightened her out. 

I also had an event on the ground that was odd. While she was on the bench all of the sudden her rudder went hard right and stuck there. Remember that this has happened in flight. The first time I flew in Merrimack I had a rudder issue and had to land despite it. Well when this happened I found nothing wrong, and the control horn didn't strip. I checked my DX8 transmitter and the subtrim on the rudder was all the way 150 right. That's not were I put it. Also all my DR/Expo went to 100/0!  This is a transmitter problem... I had sent my DX8 in after the first incident and it checked out. Spooky. The transmitter is only about 4 years old. I think I will index all the models on the SD, and reinstall the firmware. Curiously it only happens on this plane and I think one other (which one... was it the Pulse?).

Well, despite that I flew 6 packs and did landing after landing, yanked her around a few feet off the ground, take off, immediate 180, downwind landing, takeoff, 180, upwind landing, occasional crosswinds as the increasing winds shifted. I remembered I am a good pilot.

Then I took the 30cc up, less nervous, and flew several tanks, multiple landings and takeoffs, some simple aerobatics. I tried downwind approaches from the south over the Southern Ents, and could get her down but had to work it to drop hard without increasing airspeed or stalling, and with the tailwind ate up a lot of runway. From the north on the Runway 18 approach easy peasy, can easily get her in. I think I can reliably land this big one from the south if I have to, as there will be a nice headwind in that case.

Flew for a couple of hours, one flight after another, and enjoyed it! Left and worked briefly on the Alpha, then got on my Triumph Tiger 800 and spent a couple of hours taking the long way around.

All in all, I am a happy man.

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