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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Skyline Corvus 540 or PA Ultimate Project


I really would like to build the Precision Aerobatics Ultimate, to replace my Eflite Ultimate, representing quite the upgrade in the process, but that's gonna be an expensive build. In the meantime, I want something aerobatic, not too expensive to lose, and fast, to replace the Ultimate and the Pulse XT 25e.  I REALLY want that PA Ultimate... and in the end may just wait and get it. But I REALLY want that powerful Corvus. I spec'd out a Skyline Corvus 540 build, electric with some oomph. At $140, she isn't so painful to replace, and I have the most expensive parts already on hand.
PA Ultimate
Skyline Corvus

But the PA Ultimate... "she so fine..."  and I love the way Ultimates fly. The parts I am getting for the Corvus could easily be used in the Ultimate, and I have the motor and ESC on hand for both planes. The Corvus would require investment in new 6S batteries, the Ultimate would fly 3S with what I already have on hand. The Corvus would be wicked powerful with a 1400 watt motor (she is rated for 1000-1200 watts, but who's got time for that?).

To build either plane I have on hand the motors, ESCs, and receiver, likely the prop. I would need to get the servos, and a BEC,

I spec'd and priced out Spektrum A5040 metal gear mini digital servos, a quite affordable, excellent performer, and Spektrum/Horizon Hobby quality. I love Horizon Hobby, but they use bicycles to deliver parts from Champaign, IL (8 days to get to NH, please...). May buy them from someone else (probably Hobby King... But I think they use cats with ADHD to ship and deliver from their US warehouses and their times have been so hit and miss lately).

I can pick up a 6V BEC anywhere for less than $10.

In the end, there is a $100 difference between the prices of the aircraft, with the PA coming in at $250 for the ARF. That's quite a chunk of change, not just in initial investment, but in "cost of crash" and the agita it induces.

When I finish the Spitfire, I will need to think about what I want to do... I am leaning to the Corvus, and sometime later I can do the PA.

I met a wonderful man some of you may know, James Tyrie. He LOVES to build. I didn't get a chance to talk much to him, but would love to chat and learn from him, see his work!

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